Pistol Instruction in Frisco, TX

​We've Got You Covered!

It is our pleasure to educate clients with both revolver and semi-automatic pistol instruction.

​Learn to handle your pistol safely and effectively, with no pressure to rush through training... you set the pace. We use Snap Caps/Fake Rounds when practicing safe pistol handling before we step foot on the Gun Range! This allows you to practice not only loading and unloading your pistol, but also problem solving a variety of issues that can go wrong when shooting a pistol.

Offering pistol instruction at your door!

We bring everything you need for
Pistol Instruction to your HOME or OFFICE!
*Please call for more details

Visiting our great state of Texas?

Schedule now and treat yourself, family, or friends to a pistol instruction class.

We have both revolver and semi-automatic pistol for classroom and gun range.


Pistol Instruction delivered in two parts

Part I: Classroom Learning the fundamentals

  • Gun handling and safety
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Loading and unloading your pistol safely
  • Shooting positions, stance

Part II: Gun Range Shooting with confidence

  • Gun Range safety rules
  • Lane safety rules
  • Live Fire, safety commands
  • Loading and unloading

We Provide the Following


That's a $100 value FREE!

Learn to Draw from Concealment!

Have your LTC (license to carry)? NOW learn how to safely and effectively draw your pistol from concealment and find your target! Learn The 4 Steps to Drawing from Concealment (TM)

  • Countermesure
  • Combat Grip
  • South to STOP
  • South at the Ready

We also provide practice plans to help your gain confidence safely when practicing at home FREE at no additional charge!

Training Habits

Let us reevaluate your training, set you up for successful and accurate target time. Perfect practice makes perfect. If you're practicing the same thing and it's wrong, it's not "practice makes perfect," it's dangerous for you and everyone around you!

Refresher Course?

When it comes to taking a pistol refresher course, we've got you covered! Revisit the basics of what to avoid and not make a deadly mistake.​ Let's bring back the fun in shooting!

Pistol Instruction Logo-min
  • ​Absolutely! We have both revolver and semi-automatic pistols *ask for details
  • Allow us to make a few recommendations when choosing a new pistol. Take us with you!
  • Whenever possible we recommend you train with your personal gun for training purposes
  • ​YES! Part I: Classroom, is dedicated to gun safety and safe gun handling
  • 17 years of age or younger must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian during Part II: Gun Range shooting

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