Team building that could save a life!

  • Team building activities
  • Elite self defense course


• Engage in a rewarding team building experience while developing a
survival mindset, muscle memory and gain realistic self-defense skills
that can save a life!
• Empower people with a board breaking ceremony “Refuse to be a
victim!” upon completion of each level!
• Teaching individuals, families, and businesses not to be a victim!


Team building: Course

  • This 1-hour course delivers a powerful message of self-defense, eliminates assumptions and reduces the need for trial by fire!
  • Teams get together and learn self defense and striking techniques before board breaking together!

Team building: Certification

  • This four-part certification is delivered in 4, 1-hour sessions.
  • Learn the facts, principles, guidelines and techniques incorporating action plans for personal safety, travel safely, in-home safety and security from home invasion guidelines.

Certification Within each 1-hour Team Building session we learn action plan, elite self defense, and striking skills!

Day 1, team building activities

Action Plan

  • Behavioral Analysis

Elite Self Defense

  • Be aware and alert

Board Breaking

  • Palm heel strike

Day 2, team building activities

Action Plan

  • Personal Protection guidelines

Elite Self Defense

  • Stay focused

Board Breaking

  • Knee strike

Day 3, team building activities

Action Plan

  • Travel Safety *restaurant *hotel *airport

Elite Self Defense

  • Self Control

Board Breaking

  • Elbow strike

Day 4, team building activities

Action Plan

  • In-home safety and security from home invasion

Elite Self Defense

  • Active listening

Board Breaking

  • Kick strike

Proudly restoring the balance of power by refusing to be a victim! Show the people you work with how much you care about their personal safety and their families!

  • We cater to the Individual and up to groups of 24
  • Large corporation work together in groups depending on space/room and number of employees
  • Some companies take several days or even weeks to insure every employee is properly trained and certified
  • Private Instruction
  • VIP Training
  • Businesses
  • Churches and all places of worship
  • High Schools
  • Families
  • Teens

Team Building using Elite Self Defense courses

When years of martial arts training are out of the question, THIS certification gives you the education to becoming your own personal protection!
We recognize that thousands of companies, schools, and families place their well-being at risk by not receiving the education they deserve. This 4 hour self defense certification could save a life!

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